Hell yeah, it's Christmas time

Dear Players!

As you might have noticed, Christmas is happening right now and since we want to bring the Christmas Love into this great Community (and because we need to boost our download rates, like, seriously, they have literally gone down to 1 Download / day) we decided to create a little Christmas fix.
While we're at it, we might as well tell you that we're working on a new Mission. It's gonna be awesome, you are going to love it and it's almost done, trust us.

Merry Christmas everyone,
- Your team at Edgy Pixel

Major Changes:
- Improved Animations
- New sounds
- Better Bullet Collisions (they were terrible in the old build)
- Shitty graphics build so even players with potato PCs can experience this modern marvel of a game
- Bug Fixes
- Christmas-Mode, duh


SHGH Christmas.rar 441 MB
Dec 22, 2018
SHGH Christmas (Potato PC Version).rar 441 MB
Dec 22, 2018


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